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DigiWorks Enterprise

DigiWorks Enterprise is the Modern, Multi-lingual and Responsive Digital Workspace for Alfresco Digital Business Platform. It is the need of every business today. Providing access to the business documents, assigning and monitoring tasks, productivity analysis and digital communications are the essential tools for a modern digital workspace.

Some of the key capabilities of Dgworks include:
  1. Manage Documents and Tasks efficiently
    • Work with Documents and Workflow Tasks¬†
    • Dashboard and Analytics
    • Multi Lingual and Responsive
  2. Work on Tasks, anytime and from anywhere
    • Digital Task Workspace
    • Dynamic & Rule-based Business Processes
  3. Integration with Productivity Suite, work with documents and spreadsheet collaboratively.
    • Search, Retrieve & Compare Documents Efficiently
    • Electronic & Digital Signatures
    • Edit, Share and Collaborate Online
    • Metadata and Security Classification