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Setting on Widget in DigiWorks Dashboard

Users can customize the DigiWorks Dashboard widget .Follow these steps:

1. Click on Setting DB-widget-setting-2.jpg  icon near Add icon. 

2. Auto populate Restore Defaults, Save Settings and cancel setting in place on setting icon. And on added widget some icon display .

DB-widget-setting-4 refresg.jpg Restore Default when user click the default Dashboard setup.
DB-widget-setting-5 save.jpg Save Setting when user click on save after changes the updated setup saved.
DB-widget-setting-5 cancel.jpg Cancel Setting when user click on cancel icon the updated all changes would be cancelled. 
Delete DB-6.jpg Delete icon show on each existing widget. When user click on it the widget removed and then need to click on Save icon to save to changes.
drag DB-6.jpg Drag icon is show on each existing widget. Users have to customize the dashboard according to their uses. 
drag-resize DB-6.jpg Resizing icon show on each existing widget to adjust the size of widget according to their uses and adjustment.