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Access My Profile

Profile setting is the section where users can perform many tasks. 

Click on Profile name. 


User can see 3 option in drop down list 

My Profile My Profile is the section where users can see and edit their Personal Information and Contact Information.
Change Password Change password is the section where users can change password on given authentication.
Logout Logout where user can logout from the site and redirect to Login page. 


1. My Profile

  1.1 Click on My Profile

profile_my profile-3.jpg

1.2   Click on Edit profile myprofile_edit-4.jpg 

1.3   On click edit profile some new icon display and allow to edit page 

1. Save Details User click on save button after all updates. The changes will be saved.
2. Cancel Detail Users click on cancel button the changes will not be saved.
3. Upload Default User will select also default image for profile and click on save button the uploaded default image saved.
4. Upload Image User will select profile image from local system and click on save button the uploaded image saved.
5. Phone Number Phone number is also editable and saved once click on save button.


2.  Change Password 

2.1 Click on Change password. 

change password_1.jpg

2.2 Enter current password. 


2.3 New Password with given criteria.


2.4 Confirm new password. 

When all criteria passed then change password enabled 


2.5. Click on Change Password button , successfully changed the password.

If not match any criterial Change Password Button disabled