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My Workflows

MY Workflows consist of all type of workflows started by user.

task-newWF8 (1).jpg

Under My Workflows the task under 2 categories 

Active Tasks Tasks which still under in process not completed. 
Completed Tasks Tasks which already completed.
Search Task


Enter process name for filter search related tasks. 
Sort task


Task sort on date.
Filtered tasks


User filtered task display under this section. And user give name according to search.


Click on Filter popup screen display to enter for advance search. 


Active Task and completed task both have Task details. As mentioned, in table:

Workflow Details

This page consists of all details of workflow as mentioned:

  • Process name with Id 
  • Started By 
  • Priority 
  • Stared Date 
  • Due Date 
  • Process table with name, Location, Modified time and Actions. 
  • Attachments Documents as well as Folders. 
  •  assignee Users in tabular form detail of steps, users/Groups, purpose and Remarks.
  • Close Workflow if clicked the process end without completed.
Attachments  This section consists of all Attachments.
Comments  This section is used for writing comments.
History  User can see the workflow progress.

Attachment Page 


Comments page 


History Page