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File Explorer

A document library gives a safe spot to store files  where you and your team members can find them effectively, work on them together, and access them via DigiWorks Enterprise.


File Explorer contain all digital form of File and Folder  in middle section in left section contain all Library . Manager allow to Create library . On single click on file or folder right side panel open to perform some task on selected file and folder. 

When click on Folder right panel display action list


When click on File right panel display action list


The page can be viewed in 2 ways :- 

  • List View (Default view)


  • Thumbnail view


File Explorer give user multiple functionality  
  • Admin have permission to create new Library
  • New Folder Creation : User allow to create folder if User have permission
  • Upload files : User allowed to Upload Files if user have permission
  • Upload Folders : Allowed to upload Folder with file if user have permission
  • Folder Actions: :On the basis of user permission actions display to perform task  
  • File Actions: On the basis of permission action display to perform Task 

    Create New Library

  • To create a new  Library in DigiWorks Enterprise, follow these steps:


    1. Upon log into the system. Click image-1640077802604.pngbutton.


    2. In the Documents section, in the upper left of the system, Clickimage-1640077993245.pngbutton to create new library.


. Input the Type of Library, Name of the library and Site ID, Description and Visibility of the Library.

There are different types of Visibility for the Library such as : Private, Moderated and Public. This setting controls who can see the library and how users become library members.

Visibility Description
Private Only members of the document library could access the documents.
Moderated All members can access the document library but only members of the document library can see and work with the content.
Public All members of the document library can view the content but only members of the document library can work with the content.

4. Click image-1640078325448.pngbutton to complete the creation of new Document Library.


Create Folder 


Enter : 

Folder Name (Mandatory)


AGC Reference Number 


Click on next button permission page display with inherited permission and allow to set local permission for any user 


 Click on Create button Create new Folder  under selected File 

Upload File 

On Click Upload Folder link open New popup screen and on selection of document type all selected file save under selected folder





 Upload Folder 

On click Folder upload ask permission if file in the folder allow to save