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As soon as you log in to the system, you are redirected to the DigiWorks Dashboard.

In the  DigiWorks Dashboard, it consists of the  following widgets:

  • My Task  Widget

In My Tasks, it allows user to see the active, unclaimed and completed tasks assigned to the user.  It allows user to track the tasks which are needed to be completed or claimed. Also, there will be a preview of each task like the priority level, owner of the task, current status and start date. My Tasks Widget is summarized of My Tasks Module in DigiWorks Enterprise.

  • Document Summary Widget

The Document Summary, it contains details about the type of documents within the system.  The pie chart allows to see the data on type of documents (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF and etc.) and date duration ( e.g. 7 days, 30 days and etc.) of the document. 

  • Recent Files Widget

The Recent Files displays the latest files that are retrieved in the system by showing the specific details such as File Name, File Location, Modified Date and Last Person who modified the file. Also, by clicking the File Location in the Recent Files widget, user will be redirected to the location of the file. Lastly, Recent Files is summarized of Recent files in Documents Module in DigiWorks Enterprise

  • My Activities Widget              

In My Activities, it will show the actions that the user did on the files and folders within the system.  This widget is unique in the system since the data is fetched based on the actions taken by user (e.g. Previewed Document, Approved Document and etc.)

  • My Favourites Widget 

In My Favourites ,it will show those file and folder which make it favourites within the system. This widget is unique in the system since the data is fatched based on the action Favourites done by the users.